Welcome to Napa Valley, the heart of California's gorgeous wine country, where fortunes are won and lost as quickly as grapes wither on the vine. And where egos and ambition are as outsized as the faux chateaux dotting the sun-drenched landscape ...

GABBY DELUCA has lived here all her life. Like her father before her, she is the winemaker for Suncrest Vineyards. A DeLuca has always been Suncrest’s winemaker, but a Winsted has always been its owner. Now Gabby is about to witness an infuriating changing of the guard, as the arrogant, young Winsted heir returns to Napa Valley to claim his birthright.

MAX WINSTED is over-rich and over-sexed. He just frittered away two years in France on a supposed apprenticeship, yet spent far more time cornering jeunes filles behind the oak barrels than learning the nuances of the wine trade. Now Max is irate to discover that thanks to his mercurial mother, he will not take control of Suncrest as easily as he had imagined.

AVA WINSTED is a Hollywood actress who gave up her career for the love of Porter Winsted, an L.A. real-estate magnate turned Napa Valley vintner. Now Porter is gone but impetuous, artistic Ava is very much alive. She longs to escape the valley that with Porter’s death lost its allure, yet is far from at ease putting the family legacy into her only child’s feckless hands.

WILL HENLEY is a hot-shot financier who gained his reputation by swooping down on businesses when they’re hurting most – and hence the least costly. Now pinstriped, hard-driving Will has turned his acquisitive eye on Suncrest, whose disarray makes it as ripe for the picking as a plump Cabernet Sauvignon grape on the harvest vine. Yet perhaps even more delectable to Will’s eye is Suncrest's winemaker, the passionate woman who battles him like no opponent ever has for the prize they both seek …

Here's a sneak peak at chapter one

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