“Superfab fun mystery” … “A giggle a minute” … “Happy might be the next Stephanie Plum!”

So say readers of the debut mystery in the Ms America series, Ms America and the Offing on Oahu. Now beauty queen and budding sleuth Happy Pennington returns, this time to gaudy, garish Las Vegas …

When Happy pulls bridesmaid duty for pageant-wear purveyor Sally Anne Gibbons, the last thing she expects to find at the altar is a corpse. But at these over-the-top nuptials that’s what she gets: a dead best man and a groom who just might be the killer.

Happy is well aware that Sally Anne didn’t know Frank Richter all that well before she jumped all over his proposal. Much as Happy doesn’t want to believe it, maybe her mom is right and Frank is not only a shyster out for Sally Anne’s money but a killer who pumped a slug into his nephew Danny.

Or could the killer be Danny’s on-and-off girlfriend Cassidy Flanagan? Cassidy’s a tough-talking cocktail waitress with reality-show stars in her eyes and an illegal side job. Did she add murder to her rap sheet?

Of course the trigger-puller could be Samantha St. James. She’s a silver-haired cougar with a penchant for blackjack dealers who let Danny get way too close. Did she rectify that mistake by dispatching him to the Great Beyond?

Happy doesn’t know who she can trust. Except, of course, her beauty queen BFFs Shanelle and Trixie. And hunky pageant emcee Mario Suave, who appears in Vegas to shoot his TV show and give her long, smoldering looks. Those come to a screeching halt when Happy’s husband arrives in town, too. Happy is finding Jason a changed man since he started pit school but that seems to be going around in her family. All of a sudden her daughter has gone girly, her dad has a new girlfriend, and her mom is applying for a job.

What’s a beauty queen to do? Solve a murder or two, all while dressing to the nines and imbibing the occasional exotic cocktail. After all, when in Vegas …

For a sneak peak at Ms America and the Villainy in Vegas, click here

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