In New Orleans during the Mardi Gras season, it’s all about the party. But for Happy Pennington—full-time beauty queen and part-time sleuth—the revelry is cut short when calamity rocks the parade for an old-line krewe.

Suddenly Happy is probing the private lives of the Big Easy’s oldest families, which hide more secrets than a Louisiana swamp. Why are a narcissistic mother and her wallflower daughter at each other’s throats? What exactly ruptured a decades-long friendship forged in high school? And is an abandoned first wife really as sanguine about her ex’s betrayal as she makes herself out to be?

Happy cannot rest easy when a killer is on the prowl, but never has she been so passionate about solving a murder. Someone she holds very dear is facing a terrible threat. No vampire, ghost, or even voodoo witch doctor will keep this sleuth-in-stilettos from exposing the Crescent City’s deepest, darkest secrets … despite the high price Happy might have to pay.

For a sneak peak at Ms America and the Naughtiness in New Orleans, click here
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