Itís getting to the point where reigning Ms America Happy Pennington canít go anywhere.  She travels to Oahu to compete in the Ms America pageant and her fiercest rival topples dead out of the isolation booth during the televised finale.  She makes a jaunt to Vegas to serve as bridesmaid to pageant-wear purveyor Sally Anne Gibbons and the best man takes a slug at the altar.  Now sheís in Miami to help judge the Teen Princess of the Everglades pageant and before the competition even begins, one of her fellow judges is discovered draped over the prow of a pirate-ship prop, strangled by her own string bikini.

Whatís a beauty queen to do?  Step into her stilettos and make for South Beach, where murder suspects are as thick on the ground as Latin lovers.

The killer might be Hector Lopez Nieto, who stands to pump up his inheritance big time if his half sister is out of the picture.  Certainly heís hiding a secret not even his mistress could guess.

Consuela Machado takes the occasional break from pole dancing to try to seduce Miamiís most eligible men, one of whom is her daughterís father, hunky reality-show host Mario Suave.  Maybe thatís what irks Happy; or maybe itís that Consuela lit into the deceased right before the murder.

Alfonso Dobbs does the weather on TV and lots of salsa on the side.  But dancing is only one of his hobbies, not all of which are legal.  Did he add homicide to his resumť?

Jasmine Dobbs is a Basketball Wife who co-owns a boutique with the deceased.  Problem is the partners have a troubled past, complete with catfights gone viral.  Maybe Jasmine became a sole proprietor the naughty way Ö

Or maybe Alice Dilling did the dastardly deed.  Alice is a star chef with a bad attitude and a nasty secret, one she thinks the deceased might have broadcast.  Did Alice decide it was time to serve up murder?

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