Happy Pennington is four months into her yearlong reign as Ms. America and nothing is as she thought it would be. Yes, she’s thrilled to discover her hidden talent as a sleuth, but she’s bedeviled by the other changes in her life: her husband Jason’s burgeoning sideline as a calendar coverboy and her attraction to sexy show host Mario Suave, which won’t fade no matter what she does. Especially when Mario keeps doing everything in his power to fan the flame …

In the midst of all this upheaval, Happy finds herself in the nation’s most vibrant city: New York. She and her BFFs Trixie and Shanelle are consulting on a Broadway musical that desperately needs their help. The production is thrown into even greater disarray when its writer dies in extremely odd circumstances. Might it be murder?

If anyone can find out, Happy can, even if it requires tangling with egotistical Broadway producers, a venerated fashion editor, and a blonde photographer who keeps training her lens on Happy’s husband, much to his delight and Happy’s consternation. If only the new year brought joy instead of fresh worries, including an unexpected challenge from Happy’s runner-up, a gorgeous redhead from Wyoming who suddenly has the pageant owner’s ear …

For a sneak peak at Ms America and the Brouhaha on Broadway, click here

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