Falling Star  tells the story of Natalie Daniels, a woman at the pinnacle of her twenty-year career as a news anchor in ultra-competitive Los Angeles television.  But now Natalie’s world is threatened.  Ruthless KXLA news director Tony Scoppio – who’s out to cut costs and boost ratings – is scheming to replace her with younger, cheaper Kelly Devlin, a Playboy playmate who makes up in ambition what she lacks in ethics.  As Natalie battles to maintain her hard-won position, she plays right into Tony’s hands by making a rare on-air gaffe and going to disastrous lengths to book a sought-after interview.  And just as her professional woes mount, Natalie’s marriage to sitcom producer Miles Lambert unravels – and her husband reveals a heartless plan to betray her.

While television airtime is all about appearances, Natalie must look deep within herself to determine how to glue back together the shattered pieces of her life.  Yet she finds herself distracted by a blossoming relationship with her TV-news agent, dashing Australian entertainment lawyer Geoff Marner, newly engaged to another woman.

She may be forty, frightened, and alone, but Natalie is first and last a fighter.  Triumphs come when she least expects them, and take a form she never could have predicted, yet set her on a course where her star will once again inexorably rise.

Here's a sneak peak at chapter one

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