Death was not on the guest list, but it appeared all the same …

ANNETTE ROWELL ignores a deadline to attend the book party where bestselling author Maggie Boswell is murdered with a poison dart to the nape of the neck.  That third murder of a prominent novelist chills Annie to her core, especially when it becomes clear that investigators don’t consider Annie so much a potential victim as they do a suspect.

REID GARDNER loves nothing more than nabbing fugitives, and thanks to his efforts Crimewatch has scored an impressive number of takedowns.  Never before has Reid questioned a fugitive’s guilt, but he cannot believe that the alluring brunette writer could be a serial killer.  Can the former cop trust his instincts?  Or could they be muddied by his attraction to Annie, the first woman to touch his heart since the slaying of his fiancée?

SHEILA BANERJEE is Reid’s longtime producer and number one fan, but what she wants more than anything is to salve his wounded soul.  Yet he is forever just out of her romantic reach. Now she is forced to watch him fall hard for a woman who could cost him not only the reputation he’s spent years building, but his very life.

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