Beauty queen and sleuth-in-stilettos Happy Pennington returns, this time to gaudy, garish Las Vegas …

Find out why readers have called Happy “the next Stephanie Plum” and the Beauty Queen Mysteries “super-fab fun reads” …

How can you not like a character named Happy Pennington, the daughter of a retired cop and the current reigning Ms. America? Well, I liked her! Add her sidekicks in crime-solving, fellow Beauty Queens Shanelle and Trixie, and a hunk named Mario Suave (yes!) and you have a fast-paced, funny, roller coaster ride through Vegas … As a girl without much interest or ability in fashion, I suddenly found myself wanting to learn makeup tips and practice walking with my shoulders back. That's a credit to the subtle details Ms. Dempsey includes in each book, from references to designer clothing and accessories to the occasional revelation that exposes the secrets behind Beauty Queen perfection … The characters remain lovable because they have family values (in the truest sense of the word) and none of them are superhuman. They fumble. They fall. They temporarily fail. Just as we would in the same position … The Beauty Queen Mysteries are on my must read list, and I can't wait for the next installment. – Jacqueline Vick, A Writer's Jumble
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