To Catch the Moon is a page-turning read that transports the reader into the life of a woman prosecutor determined to find out the truth behind a high-profile murder - while being pursued by a handsome newsman whose interest in her investigation is not merely professional. Here's what reviewers have to say about Diana Dempsey's new release:

Wow! In To Catch the Moon, Ms. Dempsey's talent shines with vibrant characters in a fluid narrative rich in detail.  Events move quickly with ever increasing tension to a satisfying conclusion.  In all, a compelling read complimented by the layers of interpersonal relationships among all of the characters. Readers will find themselves delightfully consumed by the passion and drama, which feels so realistic, it could have come straight out of the headlines! ... As a reader, it is always a treat to find a "new to me" author to add to my "must buy" list and Ms. Dempsey is definitely among the top of that list! – Melissa Freeman, The Romance Reader's Connection

Alicia Maldonado, Deputy D.A. of Monterey County, CA, may have landed the case that could make her career: the murder of golden boy Daniel Gaines, who recently announced his candidacy for governor.  Tough and self-assured, Alicia is a likable protagonist who achieved success through grit and determination … Dempsey's low-on-glamour depiction of the D.A.'s office is on the mark, lending much credibility to this suspenseful novel. The romantic sparring between Alicia and Milo sparkles with wit ad adds sensuality to this sizzling, tension-filled mystery. – Romantic Times

… Handsome national TV reporter Milo Pappas, who has designs on the wary Alicia, adds romantic sizzle, while a politically ambitious D.A., a resentful network executive, and a spoiled, vindictive woman add their own brands of malevolent mischief. Skillfully plotted and filled with realistic detail, this fast-paced story deftly interweaves romance, murder, and ambition with issues of social status and trust. – Kristin Ramsdell, Library Journal

Dempsey, author of Falling Star, delivers another enticing read, complete with a captivating mystery and spicy, sexy romance. – Booklist

As in her first novel, Falling Star, Diana Dempsey creates realistic and memorable characters, complete with flaws, that you can really root for; then she puts them into trouble so terrible you can't figure out how they'll ever triumph. The author immerses the reader in a well-researched world of money and power, ambition and greed, and surprise plot twists. This is an author to watch. – Books for a Buck

This book is amazing. It is a clever mystery puzzle. It is well-written and exciting. It kept my interest until the very last page. You don't know the truth until the very end. I hope I don't have to wait long for another book by Diana Dempsey. It is well worth reading. – Rendezvous

It was jolly good fun getting to the end of the book and finding out who really offed Daniel Gaines. I look forward to reading more from this talented author. To Catch the Moon is a suspense novel of the highest order and is a must buy. – Diana Risso, Romance Reviews Today

Diana Dempsey's new novel is a real page turner! To Catch the Moon is a swift, smart romantic thriller that beautifully evokes the Northern California setting, and features a high profile murder case that drives two complicated, wounded people to the brink of professional and personal disaster. A wonderfully satisfying read. – New York Times bestselling author Mary Jo Putney
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